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My goal is to create a long-term, individualized, consistent care program for you so we can focus on balancing your health and beauty via relaxation, stress-management, targeted treatments if needed, and continuing education so that you get ahead of skin care concerns and create lifestyle changes for maximum benefits and permanent results.

I love establishing a working relationship with all of my clients. With regular monthly visits we work together to fine tune and tweak your approach and habits so that sustainable balance is achieved.

Regular facials and daily skin care are key preventative measures to combat against the ill-effects of stress on your overall health. When things are out-of-balance internally, they show up externally as out-of-balance skin concerns. Healthy skin and body system functions are a series of processes resulting in tissue repair, regulation, and energy. Lifestyle (stress, smoking, sun, alcohol, medication, poor diet & exercise) can get in the way and make these processes even more difficult to maintain.

Come in for a visit, and see for yourself what carving out a bit of time to focus on your skin can do for your overall health. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Take good care.


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