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February : Jasmine, Citrus, Cedar, & Cacao Facial : 60m for $90

For ALL skin types.

February is the month of love, so start with loving yourself. You can’t properly love or give, if you aren’t loving or giving or compassionate to yourself first. If you haven’t been in for a facial in awhile I highly recommend you do. Things done changed up in here! I go through phases where I mess with things a bit. Changing up structure, tools, massage techniques, bringing old favorites back…like bed head. You will leave with bed head, so bring your favorite disguise. Or be the boss that you are, and strut out of here lookin’ like you just wellnessed your tail off. Yes, I am a maker-upper of expressions. ;)

Jasmine, Citrus, Cedar and Cacao Facial : 60m for $90

Great for all skin types…always.

Double-cleanse with ultrasonic : deeply purifying + exfoliating without irritation. Removes up to 50% of the dead skin build-up, so that you immediatly regain glow.

Exfoliant mask : raw cacao, rice flour, activated charcoal, benzonite clay, natural-occurring citric acid, raw coconut milk, raw honey, and amino acids are massaged into your skin for further clarifying, brightening, and hydrating. Paired with a warm compress + extensive neck, shoulder, scalp, and decollete massage.

Extractions : if wanted/needed are now done utilizing negative ions to saponify oils + congestion in your pores, so extractions are more thorough and in many cases less unpleasant. Note I did not say painless, extractions will just never feel great. Sorry.

Serum : two tier application of a hydrating serum followed by a firming serum, both of which also address any blemish issue you may have.

Massage : jasmine for toning + calming, grapefruit for brightening + stimulating + clarifying, cedar for tightening + grounding will be massaged into your skin lifting muscle tone, stimulating detoxification + circulation, and activating your parasympathetic nervous system to reduce cortisol levels + stress’s negative impact on your body + complexion.

Mask : whipped shea butter infused with jasmine will melt into your skin under a warm compress while your hands + arms receive tension-alleviating massage. I will then step out of the room to give you and your complexion a yogic shavasana (aka corpse pose or as I like to call it laying like broccoli…be still + relax). A deep relaxation so that your facial muscles are allowed to capture the toning work that has been done, as well as so that your body has a chance to fully relax in order for it to do its healing work. They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing. Your body must rest in order to receive.

This special is only here for February, so book while you can.

Take care of yourself, love yourself, be kind to yourself, show yourself some compassion, and it will leak out into the world for all to see!



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