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January : Jade + Pearl Vibrant Facial : 75m for $110 ($25 savings)

For ALL skin types.

Haven is going to make it easy ‘n affordable for you to ring in the New Year with a renewed commitment to your health, wellness ‘n beauty!

A single jade stone facial works instantly to begin the process of reducing fine lines + wrinkles around the eyes/lips/neck/forehead, aids in lifting the eye area + contouring the chin/jawline, renews facial contours, reduces inflammation/redness, reduces puffiness ‘n dark eye circles, and over time diminishes blemishes + sun/age spots + scarring. And it does so significantly when performed in a weekly 12 week treatment. Yes, you will see ‘n feel improvement within the first facial, but in order to actually change + improve your skin the facial series is key.

The facial combines techniques garnered from stone massage, acupuncture, acupressure, tui na (twee naw/a pressing + releasing massage technique), and gua sha (a stroking massage technique). And when combined, they stimulate the multi-level healing systems within your body to do what they were meant to do : repair, renew, protect, strengthen, and provide radiant resilience.

Specific meridian points are focused on within the facial, stimulating the healing process of the skin by removing impactions/blockages within these energy/nutrient channels. These meridian points are responsible for the delivery of nutrients + oxygen to the skin, and the removal of toxins out. As they say “no flow, no glow”.

Over time, sustained healing + rejuvenation from the inside out is achieved through this transport of blood, oxygen, and nutrients in, while moving toxins + aging inflammation out. As your largest organ, if your skin shows sign of wear ‘n tear, inflammation (redness, acne, sensitivity), dryness, hyperpigmentation, etc. it is telling you systemically something is out-of-whack.

Results are cumulative and best when done in a series of 12 treatments with 1 session per week (these would be anywhere from 40m sessions to the 75m sessions depending on skin concerns + the individual, it would vary). Stress reduction is a major component to the effectiveness of any wellness therapy, as is frequency in order to accumulate the benefits so that your body systems sustain memory of it, so that after the 12 week series is up you are able to maintain and further your results with your monthly Jade + Pearl Vibrant Facial. This would be determined on a case-by-case scenario. Coming in to experience it as a single treatment is still beneficial and substantially more effective than your ordinary facial.

White Jade (Nephrite) has traditionally been revered as a restorative stone. It is naturally cooling, calming. grounding, and has the capability to nourish the skin and reduce inflammation. The 9 sides of the stone, each different in shape/contour, have been crafted to stimulate the meridians, lymphatic pathways, acupressure points, and blood flow just below your skin.

This facial protocol + the white jade stone was designed by Dr. Ping Zhang . She was the first recipient in the U.S. of a Ph. D. in Oriental Medicine in the field of facial + body rejuvenation, and possesses a background in acupuncture, acupressure, and Chinese herbal medicine. Her family has practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine in China for 4 generations. So she knows a thing or two, and has written several books on the topic. ;)

The results, will of course, depend on your consistency, your general health, lifestyle/diet, as well as how well you commit to your skin routine.

The stone does what my hands have done for you over the years, but will deliver further results that my hands cannot. Should you choose to do a series the treatment will differ each visit as I focus on movements, technique, area of focus, etc.

I hope you take advantage of January’s special to kick off your commitment to re-focusing on your health, wellness ‘n beauty in 2018. Based on 2017, I think we all could use a bit more escape + relaxation from life’s realities this year.


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