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September Facial : Citrus, Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate Ganache : 30m for $60 | 60m for $90 | 75m for $110

Handcrafted organic facial for ALL skin types.

Citrus in the form of sweet orange swirls with hazelnuts’ antioxidant power trio of vitamin A, C, E known for their synergistic affect on skin cell turnover (your natural exfoliation process), collagen production (firmer skin), cell membranes (strengthen their walls which means your skin retains moisture better), and UV protection (naturally shield your skin from the sun’s rays + restore your skin from past sun indiscretions). And dark chocolate finishes off this facial’s trio with its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and hydrating benefits calming, soothing, and correcting sun damage + sun moisture-stripped skin. Your skin will be rebalanced, restored, and strengthened. Moisture will return. Fine lines + wrinkles soften. Muscle tone lifts. Acne will be kicked to the curb. And you will look + feel your best.

Citrus, Hazelnut, + Dark Chocolate Ganache Facial…

30m $60… ultrasonic cleanse, further exfoliation if needed w/ enzymes, micro-current penetration of serum + mask listed below in 60m, ends with facial massage). This is a great option for those short on time looking for the same benefits of a 60m facial in half the time. Also a great option for those who may want to come in every month, facial benefits such as muscle tone are cumulative, but can’t always do a 60m. Alternate! 30m one month, 60m the next! Facials are a pillar of a holistic wellness program. Your skin is your largest organ. If it’s out-of-whack that’s a bonafide sign something is out-of-whack internally.

60m $90… standard Haven facial with double citrus-infused oil cleanse + castille-based cleanse w/ ultrasonic exfoliation, exfoliating citrus-cacao-clay-lactic + citric acid-almond + coconut milk + raw honey enzyme mask w/ warm compress + decollete|shoulder|neck massage, extractions if needed, sea buckthorn|pumpkin seed oil| carrot seed oil|myrrh-frankincense-sandalwood-sweet orange-lavender eo blend (addresses sun damage, dryness, acne, fine lines, wrinkles, scars, pigmentation), followed by a rich ‘n silky ‘n hydrating dark chocolate-hazelnut ganache creme mask paired with hand ‘n arm massage. The facial ends with a hazelnut oil facial massage known to provide tonifying|lifting|rejuvenating benefits with its circulation-boosting effects for all skin types with a light silky dry finish.

Your skin will be radiant via circulation stimulation delivering proper nutrients + oxygen to your cells, your muscles will be toned + lifted, toxins flushed, fine lines + wrinkles ironed out, and dullness banished.

75m $110… the 60m facial w/ the addition of an invigorating foot massage + extra time ‘n care where needed throughout the facial. The longer you lay on the table, the more beauty rest you get which translates to stress reduction, which means you slow down the intrinsic aging + damage stress wreaks on your skin ‘n body.

Welcome back to relaxation! Class is in session. This facial is only around for the month of September. So stay cool. Don’t ever change. And hope you had a b*tchin’ summer! If you don’t get those last 3 sentiments I am older than I think. ;)

Bonus : here’s a beautiful vegan|paleo hazelnut ganache brownie recipe for you…



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